The use of Pre Engineered steel Building technology in Multistory construction is very popular in western countries. The technological improvement in Multistory construction technology and due to the advantage of lesser time requirement in construction, usage of Pre Engineered Steel Building is becoming popular in Multistory construction in India now these days.

Apax Building Systems offers complete solution for designing, manufacturing and execution of these Steel Multistory Buildings as per International quality standards.

Advantages of Steel Multi-Story Building –

  • Speedy and time-savy construction than RCC.
  • Smooth and hassle free execution at site.
  • Larger spans without intermediate columns can be effectively  achieved in comparison to RCC.
  • Lighter Foundation required for Steel Buildings due to less    weight than RCC, thus saving on Foundation cost.
  • Greater ease of expansion and modification in Steel Buildings.
  • Earthquake resistant design.
multistory building
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“This will be my first all steel building and I’m looking forward to getting it built and start using it. I had thought the price would be out of my budget but they showed me the true cost and what I would be getting for my money made the decision very easy to go with a Apax Bulding Systems.”

Prashant Gupta
Managing Director